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In December 2017, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and AHF Colombia signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed to improve the country's response to HIV, reducing the gaps in access to detection and prevention of HIV and prompt treatment and quality; as well as, to reduce morbidity and mortality of people living with HIV.

 In September 2018, AHF began its work in Colombia with the opening of a Health Provider Institution (IPS in Spanish) in San José de Cúcuta, a city located at the border area with Venezuela, and epicenter of the biggest immigration influx from that country. The Department of North Santander - region where Cúcuta is the main urban center-, is the largest recipient of Venezuelan migrants which, in many cases, cross the border in search of drugs and medical care.

 This way, the AHF IPS focuses on providing comprehensive care around services of rapid tests for HIV and syphilis and its prevention, which can access the entire population regardless of their nationality, their immigration status or any other condition of vulnerability. Additionally, comprehensive care services and treatment for the HIV, completely free, with focus on the neediest population such as the migrant population in an irregular situation.

AHF Colombia offers two types of interventions: an extramural and community intervention, with special focus on prevention, rapid tests and condom delivery; the other is at the IPS, where all services related to the prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment of HIV are offered, including channeling and accompaniment aimed at national and foreign users who meet the stipulated requirements to access the Colombian health system.



Población Colombia 2017: 49,291,925

Desde 1985 a 2017 se ha reportado un total de 133,440 casos de infección por VIH/Sida. Para 2017, ingresaron al SIVIGILA un total de 12,778 casos VIH/Sida. De estos 10,228 (80%) fueron hombres y 2,550 (20%) mujeres; 99% corresponde transmisión sexual.

Incidencia nacional de 25,7 por cada 100,000 habitantes.

Prevalencia estimada por SPECTRUM para población entre 15 a 49 años  es de 0.5%. 

Prevalencia del VIH en poblaciones Clave :

         Mujeres transgénero: 21,3%

         HSH: 14,2%

         Mujeres trabajadoras sexuales: 1,12

         Habitantes de  calle: 4,6%

         Personas que se inyectan drogas: 5,32

·      Transmisión materno-infantil del VIH año 2016: 2,2%

·      El acumulado de muertes por sida según DANE desde el año 1998 a 2016 es de 42,696. En 2016 se reportaron 2,618 muertes asociadas con VIH/sida.

·      La cascada del continuo de la atención con corte 2016 muestra que de 150,116 casos estimados (100%), 108,648 viven y conocen su diagnóstico, 80% reciben tratamiento antirretroviral (TAR) (55%) y 47% tienen supresión viral. 

·      Total de personas en atención año 2017: 82,856 


Fuente: DANE. MINSALUD, SIVIGILA, Fondo Colombiano de Enfermedades de Alto Costo.


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Liliana Andrade Forero, Country Coordinator
Calle 70 N0 12-83 Barrio Quinta. Camacho-Bogota
IPS AHF Colombia Calle 15 No2E-81
Barrio Caobos, Cucuta, Nore de Santander
[email protected]


Clients in AHF Care: 1,885

Clients receiving ART: 1,783

Adults 15-49 prevalence rate: 0.4%*

Adults 15+ living with HIV: 180,000*

Women 15+ living with HIV: 29,000*

Men 15+ living with HIV: 150,000*

Orphans (0-17) due to AIDS: 67,000*

Prevalence of Men who have sex with men: 17%

Prevalence of Transgender People: 21.4%

Percent of people living with HIV who are on ART: 64%

*Source: UNAIDS - Colombia - 2020

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