US Advocacy

Since its inception, fighting for what’s right has been an integral part of the culture at AIDS Healthcare Foundation.


Throughout its history, AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been committed to educating and advocating for youth, both domestically and around the world.

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AHF was originally founded on advocating against an inhumane proposition in 1986. This kind of work continues to be a driving force within the organization today. AHF Advocacy’s mission is to guarantee access to prevention, testing, and care including social determinants of health. The advocacy arm of AHF is multilateral in its approach to effecting change. Its major efforts are directed at local, state, national, and international policies and regulations.

For example, AHF has lead the charge in fighting to change the Global Fund’s classification of “middle income countries.” Right now, that qualification is set as countries whose median income is $2.76 per day. Because of this faulty classification many countries are disqualified from receiving lifesaving aid and properly priced medication.

AHF has also been a stalwart figure in the fight for lower drug prices throughout the years. From proposing changes to legislation in California and Ohio to successfully lowering the cost of drug treatment in Africa and other countries, AHF has made a fundamental difference in the accessibility of medication despite geographic location and ability to pay. AHF was also successful in guaranteeing appropriate levels of funding for PEPFAR (the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) when cuts to the program were being felt around the world. AHF continues to support and demand the proper funding of the program whose mission is to end the HIV epidemic across the globe.

In its 30 years of service, AIDS Healthcare Foundation has never backed down from fighting for those in need. AHF Advocacy is currently engaged in a number of ongoing initiatives and plans to expand and reinforce these efforts as the organization grows.