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In 2005, AHF Cambodia launched its first program with the Ministry of Health and gradually expanded services with other healthcare agencies. Through the different supported programs, AHF Cambodia aims to 1) improve treatment and care for HIV/AIDS patients at the government hospitals, 2) promote community HIV testing and the use of condoms, 3) prevent HIV especially among key in populations and other most at-risk group.

AHF Cambodia has been supporting 40 HIV treatment sites among a total of There are 70 HIV treatment facilities across the country. Those 38 clinics are located in 19 provinces. These sites are providing free ARVs, OI drugs and care to patients in accordance with the strategic plan for HIV in the health sector for 2020-2025 in achieving 95:95:95 by 2025* . Transportation allowance is sometimes provided to support patients who are living in needed. On prevention, AHF Cambodia provides free HIV testing and condoms at the ART clinics sites.

AHF Cambodia aims to contribute the efforts in achieving zero new HIV infections, zero AIDS related deaths, and zero discrimination through different events and partnership programs with the government. Cambodia is one of the few countries in the world which has been successful in reversing its HIV epidemic and achieved near universal access to HIV/AIDS treatment. Such success is only possible with contributions and joint efforts from different stakeholders. In 2010, the Cambodia government has received a United Nations Millennium Development Goal award as a recognition of the success.

AHF Cambodia is currently supporting on providing Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) and care at the 40 ART site of government to 46,015 PLHIV and their families. This is accomplished through partnerships with National and local government facilities and committed health care staff, including medical doctors, nurses’ counselors and peer educators. Additional community support initiatives for PLHIV and families contribute to government and AHF's mission.

Since 2011, AHF Cambodia has provided Free HIV testing through outreach driven activities at the hot spots, entertainment venues, parks and the public gathering of events. AHF focus its prevention work on Most -at Risk groups of HIV transmission in remote areas and gathering places. The unit which was reconfigured into a mobile clinic from a passenger van and provide HIV testing and treatment services to the most at risk group and their partners and families. The mobile van dedicated to reaching those living in remote areas, primarily around Cambodia's border where access to these services is challenging Table**

* NAA (National Strategic planning 2020)
** Country Factsheet UNAID 20220

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Sikheng Houy,
Country Program Manager
[email protected]  (855) 99 877 785

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សង្កាត់ភ្នំពេញថ្មី ខណ្ឌ សែនសុខ រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ
(855) 23 215 767
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House: #07, Road 1980,
Phnom Penh Thmey Village,
Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh
(855) 23 215 767
(855) 23 216 767

Email: [email protected]


Clients in AHF Care: 45,407*

Clients receiving ART: 45,701*

People living with HIV: 75,000*

Adults 15-49 prevalence rate: 0.5%*

Adults 15+ living with HIV: 34,000*

Women 15+ living with HIV: 37,000*

Orphans (0-17) due to AIDS: 35,000**

*Source: UNAIDS - Cambodia - 2020