“Love and Medicine” Prescribed to Wipe Out Discrimination

In China by AHF

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) China collaborated with local, national and international organizations to open the “Love and Medicine” art exhibit in Beijing on March 1. The event marked the fourth Zero Discrimination Day, which was established to address HIV/AIDS stigma.

AHF China coordinated with UNAIDS China, the National Center for STD Control and CDC China to support the event, which was hosted by a local community organization.

AHF Asia Deputy Bureau Chief Dr. Yugang Bao kicked off the event by congratulating the exhibit’s successful opening and called for an end to discrimination against people living with HIV.

“30 years of advocacy tells us the main reason for discrimination is the fear of disease from a lack of understanding,” said Dr. Bao. “Early testing and insistence of long-term treatment are the keys to successful prevention, which is greatly jeopardized due to discrimination.”

“Love and Medicine” drew local and national media coverage. It showed that creative approaches to promoting early HIV testing and treatment lead to better health outcomes and understanding of the virus.

Inspiration for a key exhibit “A Medicine Bottle Art” dated back to 2015. Thousands of used antiretroviral drug bottles were collected over a three-month period and placed in a creative arrangement to symbolize the life of an HIV patient.

These artistic creations allowed audiences to see that HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence and through compassionate cooperation without discrimination, an end to AIDS can be realized.

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