AHF Rwanda Launches “24/7 Condom Distribution Kiosks Initiative”

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Thanks to a partnership between the City of Kigali, the government of Rwanda and AHF, residents of the city will now have access to free condoms 24/7 via a network of “condom kiosks.”

The innovative distribution scheme is officially called the “24/7 Condom Distribution Kiosks Initiative (24/7 CK).” The kiosks have been strategically placed throughout the city in districts frequented by those at a higher risk of HIV infection, such as young people and commercial sex workers. The move is part of the government’s broader effort to promote HIV prevention and curb new infections.

“We are taking condoms and useful information about HIV closer to sex workers, in areas where they are most concentrated,” said Dr. Sabin Nsazimana, the head of HIV/AIDS division at Rwanda Biomedical Centre.

Attendants will be available around-the-clock to distribute AHF-branded LOVE condoms as well as educational materials on safer sex practices. Community members, AHF staff and government officials have met the official launch of the initiative with great enthusiasm.

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