AHF China, Linfen Red Ribbon School Holds Annual Luncheon in China for Children with HIV

In China by AHF

In partnership with AHF China, Linfen Red Ribbon School organized an annual lunch for children living with HIV to commemorate the International AIDS Anti-Discrimination Day on May 26 in Beijing.

“The lunch aims to evoke the public’s care and attention toward people, especially children, affected by HIV/AIDS so that we can work together to stop discrimination,” said Dr. Bao Yugang, AHF Asia Bureau Deputy Chief. “We want to spread the message that AIDS discrimination is wrong and it absolutely shouldn’t happen; it weakens our efforts to stop HIV/AIDS. We think the event was very successful and we thank everyone who was involved in helping to organize it.”

Linfen Red Ribbon School is a boarding school that provides a safe and welcoming environment for HIV-positive children who face discrimination within their communities, particularly in some parts of rural China. Fourteen HIV positive students from the school, their principal Mr. Guo Xiaoping and some of the teachers attended the lunch.

Other activities of the day included interactive games, stage performances by the children, group photos and a sing-a-long of a theme song specifically produced for the event. All participants wore red and green ribbons in support of AIDS Anti-Discrimination Day.

Nearly 120 people attended the event, including: celebrities from film, TV and sports, the Director of AIDS Division of the Ministry of Health along with other division representatives, members of the National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, the Chief of UNAIDS in China, UN agency representatives, representatives of the Gates Foundation and other local and international NGOs, AHF team members, doctors, nurses and nearly 20 journalists.

View photos from the event below:

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