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AHF now invites you to speak out on behalf of the nearly 10,000 American on AIDS drug wait lists by sending the eletter below.

Since President Obama took office, the waiting list for state AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs) has ballooned from less than 100 people in 2008 to nearly 10,000 people today.

That’s right. Nearly 10,000 Americans in eleven states are now on waiting lists to receive lifesaving medications through state ADAPs.

As month by month the waiting lists have grown to the highest numbers ever seen, President Obama has done little to address this crisis.

Please send the eletter below urging President Obama to be on the side of the 10,000 Americans who are waiting for lifesaving AIDS medicines. Ask him to allocate unspent already-in-the-budget health care dollars to end this crisis.

Let your voice be heard!

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