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In 2013, AHF partnered with CEPROSH, a NGO in Puerto Plata city, to support and improve medical care for the more than 1,200 patients treated at that clinic. AHF Dominican Republic then joined with the Ministry of Prisons of the Federal Government in Santo Domingo to implement a Rapid Test Program and provide medical care in La Victoria jail. In mid 2018, we started working in Santo Domingo, providing support through MOSCTHA and COIN, addressing immigrants and key population respectively. AHF DR continues to seek new partners to expand its Rapid Test Program and connect more people to proper care and treatment.

Recent surveillance data shows HIV/AIDS in the Dominican Republic is is concentrated among gays, transsexuals, men who have sex with men and immigrants. In recent years, the country has established aggressive health care policies to combat the epidemic, including decentralizing healthcare and the application of a holistic approach to provide prevention, support, and greater access to care. Despite the country’s effort to develop a comprehensive approach and the many public and private organizations that support the nation’s efforts, the Dominican Republic still faces difficulty implementing new laws on HIV/AIDS, coordinating logistics and supply of affordable medicine, improving information systems and conducting surveillance and evaluations. Further, stigma and discrimination have made it difficult for some to gain access to care and find and sustain a job.

In 2018, an estimated 70,000 Dominicans are living with HIV, out of the 10 million total population. An estimated 2,700 new HIV infections occurred in 2018. Gender prevalence amongst adults (15-49) shows women at 0.9% compared to men at 1%. Out of the 70,000 Dominicans living with HIV, approximately 39,000 are on treatment.

Sources: UNAIDS 2018 estimates.

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Massiel Ruiz,
Country Program Manager

C/ Profesor Juan Bosch Número 50, Provincia de Puerto Plata, República Dominicana. C.P. 57000.

+1 829-851-9002
[email protected]

AHF República Dominicana

 C. Mercedes Amiama 25, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

 +1 849-357-4635
 [email protected]


Clients in Care: 6,357 (2022)


People living with HIV: 78,000*

Adults 15-49 prevalence rate: 0.9%

Adults 15+ living with HIV: 77,000*

Women 15+ living with HIV: 35,000*

Men 15+ living with HIV: 41,000*

Orphans (0-17) due to AIDS: 38,000*

*Source: UNAIDS - Dominican Republic - 2021