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AHF Nepal has been collaborating with Government of Nepal at 17 ART clinics (16 Government and 1 NGO based) in 15 districts with an objective to increase access on HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care services and strengthen coordination, networking and advocacy for quality ART service delivery. AHF Nepal has strategize programs to contribute country’s target to achieve 90:90:90 global targets and reduce the gap among all three 90s reducing HIV related mortality and incidence establishing collaboration in government ART clinics to ensure a high level of quality in service delivery, within the framework of universal health coverage and supported by National policies and strategies. To optimize HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care services AHF Nepal provides free condoms, positive prevention counseling, and rapid HIV screening, referral, OIs management and treatment, HR support at ART clinic, capacity building trainings and continued medical education for HCWs of hospital/ART clinic to equip with knowledge on advancement on HIV treatment, care, and assists to scale-up VL coverage. ARV is provided free of cost by the government.
Moreover, AHF Nepal works for better recording, reporting and counseling services and are able to diagnose and treat other co-infection(s) as outlined by National HIV Program. The different outreach teams focus on training peer educators to promote treatment adherence and follow-up actions for PLHIV in the AHF supported collaborative clinics.

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Divya Raj Joshi, Country Program Manager
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AHF Nepal

 Lalitpur-14, Malaxmisthan, GPO Box: 10377, Kathmandu

 + 977-015193493
For free HIV testing & counseling:
 +9844829696 (ntc),
 +9828048894 (ncell)

 [email protected]

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Clients in AHF Care: 12,599

Clients receiving ART: 12,562 (GPR as of December 12, 2021)

ART Clinics in Nepal: 80 ART clinics in 77 districts (List of ART sites)

ART Site List: Here

Land area: 147,181 km2

Population: 28.6 million. Source:Data Commons & The World Bank

People living with HIV: 30 000*

Adults 15-49 prevalence rate: 0.1%*

Men 15+ living with HIV:  16,000*

Women 15+ living with HIV: 13,000*

Children living with HIV: 1,200*</span

Annual number of new infection: <1000

Annual number of AIDS-related deaths: <1000*

*Source: UNAIDS – Nepal – 2020