Jose Ramos
National Director of Sales

As the National Director of Sales at AHF, Jose Ramos plays a pivotal role in providing valuable oversight for the pharmacy Sales team. His key responsibilities encompass team management and development, implementation of processes to enhance AHF Pharmacy's community profile, and driving sales and revenue growth for our pharmacies. Additionally, Jose takes the lead in spearheading community outreach initiatives, overseeing marketing efforts, fostering relationship development, and ensuring the team meets yearly sales targets across the nation.

Jose also holds the esteemed position of founder and president of Impulse Group Globally, a prominent volunteer organization operating across 13 countries with 26 chapters and over 400 dedicated volunteers worldwide. Serving on the Board of Directors and as the Executive Program president, he adeptly manages a global team comprising six employees. Since its establishment in 2009, Impulse Group has functioned as an affinity group of AHF, dedicated to strengthening and promoting the well-being of the gay men's community. Through organizing more than 400 events and activations annually, Impulse Group strives to create a safe and inclusive space that fosters engagement, support, and connection among gay men on a global scale.

Before joining AHF, Jose garnered valuable experience during his 12-year tenure with Target Corporation, where he began his career as an Executive of Guest Experience and progressed to the role of Executive Store Manager. Throughout his 16 years in the retail sector, Jose demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and showcased a strong commitment to team engagement and development.

Jose holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from California State University Northridge, augmenting his understanding of human behavior, and an MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior from California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks. These educational achievements have equipped him with a profound comprehension of organizational dynamics, enabling him to adeptly navigate complex business challenges.

Beyond his professional achievements, Jose is a certified yoga instructor and an accomplished athlete. His annual participation in marathons and triathlons exemplifies his dedication to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, he generously volunteers his time to teach yoga pro bono for marginalized communities, demonstrating his commitment to giving back and facilitating stillness and well-being among others.