Dr. Carl Millner
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Millner is currently the Chief Medical Officer for AIDS Healthcare Foundation where he oversees the day to day operations of the Department of Medicine. He chose HIV medicine after his roommate from medical school died the year after they graduated. He stated that his roommate died alone and in shame because how stigmatized he felt about getting AIDS. This was four years before the new antiretroviral HIV medicines were available. It was at that moment he decided to dedicate his life so that others would not have to experience what his roommate experienced. He became a National Health Service Corp physician practicing HIV medicine at a FQHC in West Baltimore, Maryland in a Ryan White clinic that emphasized an interdisciplinary team approach to patient care.

He continued practicing medicine in communities greatly impacted by social determinants of health including serving as a Medical Director with the Califonia Department of Corrections and then joined AHF in the Spring of 2016 where he continues that journey both as a clinician, researcher and administrator. During his tenure at AHF he has served in multiple roles all while continuing to practice cutting edge and compassionate medicine. Those include Medical Director of multiple healthcare centers, Western Regional Medical Director, Deputy Chief Medical Officer and now as CMO. He states the he is proud to be working at an organization which not only provides exemplary comprhensive care but advocates for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Dr. Millner received his undergraduate degree from Occidental College and his medical degree from Drexel University School medicine in Philadelphia, PA. He then returned to Los Angeles to complete his residency in Internal Medicine at UCLA School of Medicine. He grew up south Los Angeles and experienced health care disparity which shaped his decision to practice medicine in underserved communities similar to where he grew up. He is a vegan who plays tennis and actively works out three times a week.