Corporate Greed Sidelines Health Equity at the WTO

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) expresses profound disappointment after World Trade Organization (WTO) Member States failed to reach a decision on expanding COVID-19-related patent flexibilities to include diagnostics, medicines, and therapeutics following 18 months of negotiations.

“This decision is a setback for global health equity, which will sadly have repercussions for future pandemics far beyond COVID-19,” said AHF President Michael Weinstein. ”The choice to protect corporate interests and patents on crucial medical innovations during global health emergencies flies in the face of our shared responsibility and the need for solidarity on global public health. It deepens existing health disparities, hindering access to life-saving interventions, especially in low-income countries.”

Despite the disappointing WTO decision, AHF calls upon the international community, policymakers, and stakeholders to continue advocating for a more just and equitable global health system. The world needs collaborative efforts to address health challenges and ensure the health and safety of all individuals, regardless of geographic location or economic status.

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