Sports for Health in Zambia

In Global Advocacy, Global Featured, Zambia by Fiona Ip

Advocates in Zambia recently held a Wellness Day, including a community football game, to celebrate the role of sports in enhancing overall health and quality of life in local neighborhoods. Event organizers also provided COVID-19 vaccinations and held talks on HIV prevention and other relevant community health matters.

“AHF, we love you, and we give you that for free—but today you have earned our trust,” said Dr. Kandulu, a community leader and Wellness Day facilitator. “You said you’d come to our community, and you have come. You said you’d set up free HIV screening, COVID-19 vaccinations, and free eye check-ups, and you have done it!’’

Maambo Mweemba, Advocacy and Policy Manager for AHF Zambia, added that sports have the power to educate young people, instill life skills, and provide a place for change to take root.

AHF also donated football jerseys, shoes, and equipment to the community football team. Following a request from Dr. Kandulu, plans are in the works for future meetings for youth on sexual health, drug use, and preventing HIV and other STIs.

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