Changing hearts and minds on COVID vaccines in Indonesia

In Global Advocacy, Indonesia, Vaccinate Our World by Fiona Ip

AHF Indonesia and partners recently organized a multi-pronged VOW initiative that included a webinar featuring members of key populations and health experts explaining plans to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates.

Advocates also conducted a two-day community outreach component that reached hundreds of people at several temples and popular tourist destinations with educational materials to reduce vaccine hesitancy.

“These initiatives are vital for educating the public and more importantly, determining the best methods to reach marginalized groups that may not have equal access to vaccines,” said AHF Asia Bureau Chief Dr. Chhim Sarath.

“AHF Indonesia and all the Asian countries where AHF operates will continue to fight to ensure global vaccine access. We must continue urging leaders of wealthy countries to demand that vaccine makers share their vaccine recipes and the technology required to increase production worldwide, particularly in developing countries.”

It’s never too late to join AHF and the VOW campaign! Visit Vaccinate Our World to stay up to date on the latest advocacy efforts and take the pledge with us to not stop until everyone globally has access to lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines!”

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