12,000 Food Parcels Reach AHF Africa Clients

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AHF teams across Africa have been busy over the last few months distributing over 12,000 food parcels throughout 11 countries. Nationwide lockdowns left thousands of people living with HIV wondering where their next meal might come from, since many lost their jobs and food markets and vendors closed.

Beneficiaries were able to pick up the rations at supported clinics, and for clients too sick or unable to travel, AHF teams delivered the packages to their homes along with antiretroviral medications. The packs of food included flour, soap, cooking oil, sugar, beans and formula for children, among other items.

“We had many clients who were very hungry which often caused them to refuse taking their ART on an empty stomach,” said Emile Musabyimana, Head of Remera Health Center in Kigali, Rwanda. “But now with this food support from AHF, I’m sure they are going to adhere to treatment as they normally do. We thank AHF very much for this support and how it has been supporting our health center, especially during this lockdown period in terms of transportation, personal protective equipment, and as always, technical support.”

We invite you to explore the photographs below from the food distribution exercises throughout the AHF Africa Bureau country teams, as well as the heartwarming feedback from clients and clinicians throughout the countries.


“There is no little gift, all support is valued. We want to thank AHF on behalf of our clients.”
– Mr. Tesfaye Tsegaye, African Services Committee, Batu Clinic Direct, Ethiopia


“May God bless AHF Kenya so much. Since COVID-19 and the restrictions began, I have been surviving from hand-to-mouth. This food will go a long way for me and my family. I will not take ARVs on an empty stomach.”
– AHF Kenya client


“We are struggling because of COVID-19, and we need proper meals to take our medication. We are thankful for the food parcels.”
– AHF Lesotho client


“This is a timely gesture. A majority of our clients are poor, and they depend on small businesses to find food. COVID-19 has greatly disturbed their survival. We are so thankful as a district because this food will cushion them from the many challenges that they are experiencing.”
– Mr. Suzumile, Chikwawa District ART Coordinator, Malawi


“Since I became sick, you have served me well. And now this food support that AHF is giving me—I thank you so much. God bless all of you to continue to help others.”
– Arlindo-Muhalaze Health Center client, Mozambique


“To some people, it may be little, but to me, and to most of us here, what you have done is a great deal. AHF has always put smiles on our faces…with this food donation, our children won’t have to worry about eating for some time. My prayers are for God to continue to bless all of you at AHF.”
– Ms. Lan Iwanje, ART client, Nigeria


“I can’t express my feelings now, but I pray for God to bless AHF for its continuous support to the people living with HIV—I’m blessed to be among the beneficiaries of AHF. This food support is going to improve my life, especially during this period of COVID-19, which is one of the most difficult times I’ve had. On my behalf and on behalf of my peers, we thank AHF so much.”
– Kinyinya Health Center ART client, Rwanda

South Africa

Community members in Flagstaff, South Africa receive food parcels from Tabitha Community Care, an organization supported by the AHF COVID-19 Emergency Fund.


AHF staff delivers food and medicine for clients that are unable to travel to clinic facilities.


“With the outbreak of COVID-19, AHF’s initiative of providing us with food will greatly mitigate the lack of food in our homes.”
– ART client, Zambia


“I would like to thank AHF for the food parcels – may God bless you – you are taking care of those of us who are orphans.”
– ART client, Zimbabwe

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12,000 Food Parcels Reach AHF Africa Clients