AHF sends lifesaving aid to Sierra Leone after mudslide buries the capital

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Following deadly mudslides in Sierra Leone, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is donating medicines and supplies, including food and toiletries to the relief effort.

“It saddens us greatly to see the lives that have been shattered. It brings back painful memories of our struggle with Ebola a few years ago,” said AHF Sierra Leone Country Program Manager Miata Jambawai. “AHF is once again here to support our government and people as we chart our way to recovery.”

Tragedy struck on Aug. 14, when torrential rains triggered a mudslide just outside the capital city, Freetown, killing over 1,000 people and displacing more than 3,000. Many roads are still impassable, making it difficult to get food, water and other necessities to areas in need.

“The world cannot move on as though nothing has happened—we need to rally around Sierra Leone and support the government in rebuilding homes and lives,” said AHF Africa Deputy Bureau Chief Dr. Wamae Maranga. “One victim lost his house and eight family members. He and those in the same situation need all the support they can get to find the courage to live. That responsibility rests on us all.”

Since 2009, Sierra Leone and AHF have worked together to provide services to those most in need of help. In 2014, AHF donated personal protective gear and other vital medical supplies during the country’s battle with the Ebola virus outbreak, which claimed 4,000 lives.

AHF currently provides treatment and care to 5,198 clients living with HIV in Sierra Leone.

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