AHF Ukraine Helps Set Guinness Record

In Ukraine by AHF

Ukraine recently set a “Mass Events” Guinness record in the country during its annual Youth Day on June 24 for the most civil society institutions participating in the organization of an event.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Ukraine received an official invitation from the government in Kiev and supported the festivities by raising awareness about HIV testing, prevention and overall healthy living.

Young people in the country were the primary organizers and participants of all the events throughout the day, which included free concerts, displays of appreciation from officials and themes supporting campaigns on everything from sustainable living and anti-bullying to increasing calls for peace.

Ukraine tops the list in Europe in terms of new HIV infections each year. AHF set up testing sites at two locations in the capital city and tested 150 participants. Local journalists covering the event also joined in to show support by being among those tested.

“AHF was happy to support the Kyiv City Administration by taking an active part in Youth Day,” said AHF Ukraine Country Program Director Sergey Fedorov. “We have demonstrated that HIV testing and prevention is accessible to all the people, and continued leadership in the government is extremely important to make HIV prevention among youth a high priority.”

In addition to testing that revealed two positive results, over 10,000 condoms and 2,000 healthcare-related materials were distributed to attendees. The clients who tested positive were linked immediately to care. Over 10,000 people participated in Youth Day 2017, which has been a consistent tradition in Ukraine for 23 years.

AHF has been active in Ukraine since 2009 and has 27,446 patients in care.

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