Indonesia and AHF Collaborate on Policy Change

In Indonesia by AHF

During a recent trip to the Asia-Pacific region, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Senior Vice President Peter Reis met with several Indonesian officials in West Java, the country’s most populous province, to outline future HIV/AIDS collaboration between AHF and the provincial government.

West Java’s Vice Governor H. Deddy Mizwar and Reis spoke about convening a meeting with the 27 mayoral districts to build a cohesive local commitment. They also touched on the need to survey current local policies and propose appropriate changes to them, which would be subsequently submitted to parliament.

“Collaboration [with AHF] will truly be beneficial in accelerating the efforts to decrease new HIV cases and improve regulations,” said Mizwar.

The high-profile meeting between Reis and Mizwar was covered by over 25 media outlets and broadcast on Indonesian national television, further cementing AHF’s pivotal relationship with the country and providing a framework for future partnerships and collaboration.

In addition to discussions on existing and future HIV/AIDS policies and regulations, the West Java Ministry of Health also agreed to allow AHF’s expansion of provincial-level testing and treatment services, which will bring increased HIV awareness, let more citizens find out their HIV status and expedite the delivery of vital medical services.

Watch the interview here.

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