Ethiopian Girls Empowered and Informed by AHF’s HIV Prevention Session

In Ethiopia by AHF

In partnership with Save Your Generation Ethiopia (SYGE), AHF Ethiopia presented young women working in a garment factory with information about HIV transmission and prevention. The event was held at Haile Garment Factory on Oct. 1.

HIV prevalence among these young women is disproportionately high, because many face sexual violence and forced or early marriage. Despite these high prevalence rates, SYGE had a difficult time finding a garment factory willing to host a half-day HIV awareness and informational session. That is, until Haile Garment Factory agreed to hosting the event, at which the young women were encouraged to participate in the session by asking questions, telling stories and giving feedback to the presentations given.

Haile Garment Factory expressed interest in hosting the event in the future, bringing hope that more young women can be informed about gender-based violence, HIV transmission, and sex safety in the future.

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