AHF Cambodia: A Decade of Service

In Cambodia, Global by AHF

AHF Cambodia is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this month. Since AHF founded the program in late 2005, it has come a long way. Together with its partners, AHF Cambodia now provides free services to nearly 30,000 HIV positive clients at 31 sites, which is approximately 50% of all patients in care and treatment in the country.

The first ART clinic started on March 10, 2006. The program has since been working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health through the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STIs (NCHADS), the Provincial Health Department (PHDs), and the Ministry of Defense through Preah Ket Mealea Hospital, and also with many local NGOs and PLHIV groups/networks.

“We’re incredibly proud to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of AHF Cambodia. In Southeast Asia, Cambodia is considered to be one of the leading examples of success in treatment coverage and scale-up,” said Dr. Chhim Saarath, AHF Asia Bureau Chief. “We, as AHF are honored to be a part of this effort together with the government and our NGO partners. We will continue to do our best to provide the highest quality of care to our clients.”

AHF Cambodia also provides free HIV testing & counseling, HIV education, condom promotion & distribution through the drop-in centers, mobile testing teams and government testing sites. In addition, AHF Cambodia has been the co-organizer of special events such as the Water Festival – World AIDS Day (WAD) and International Condom Day (ICD), which include HIV education & testing and condom promotion & distribution.

Advocacy efforts, such the adoption of the new WHO testing and treatment guidelines are at the forefront of AHF Cambodia’s collaboration with other NGOs. The program has also produced numerous informational posters and brochures on testing promotion and HIV/TB co-infection. Impulse Cambodia, an AHF-affiliated initiative, aims to develop campaigns to raise awareness among the MSM and transgender communities to respond to the HIV epidemic in Cambodia.

“The success of AHF Cambodia over the past 10 years shows what is possible with an innovative mindset, determination and strong partnerships,” said Peter Reis, AHF Senior Vice President. “The models of testing, treatment and prevention we’ve been implementing for decades in Cambodia, and elsewhere around the world clearly show that we have the tools to win the war on AIDS, what we desperately need is the political will and a serious commitment of resources by the international community to make it happen.”

Key achievements:

  • Supporting 31 ART sites in 17 provinces and municipalities
  • 4 drop-in centers in 4 provinces and municipalities
  • The program is operated independently by local staff
  • 29,184 active HIV clients are receiving both direct and indirect support (50.4% of the patients on treatment & care countrywide); with nearly 90% of them currently on ART
  • The Lost to Follow Up rate was kept to less than 2% each year and the mortality rate is less than 15 per 1000 clients
  • 190,837 clients tested from 2011 to date, with 2,472 positive cases identified and linked to ART services
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