AHF Assists San Luis Obispo AIDS Support Network, which will become ‘Access Support Network’ July 1st

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Contribution helps respected 31-year-old San Luis Obispo (SLO) County community organization facilitate a smooth transition of HIV services into Monterey County; all SLO County ASN client services will remain in place, uninterrupted after the name change next week.  

 LOS ANGELES (June 29, 2015) AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is lending its support to the San Luis Obispo AIDS Support Network (ASN) with a financial contribution that will help the respected 31-year-old San Luis Obispo County community organization facilitate a smooth transition to a new incarnation next week. On July 1st, the organization, which first started serving people with HIV/AIDS in San Luis Obispo community in 1984, will adopt the name ‘Access Support Network’ as it moves to offer services in Monterey County. All current ASN client services in San Luis Obispo will remain in place, uninterrupted after the name change, and new services, primarily housing, prescription, and health insurance benefits assistance, will begin in Monterey County beginning July 1st.

“The name change to Access Support Network reflects the broadening array of services that ASN has been providing over the years,” said David Kilburn, ASN’s executive director. “Building on our strong HIV/AIDS service model since 1984, the SLO Hep C Project was developed in 2001, providing support for community members living with hepatitis C; and, in 2014, the ASN became the first Covered California certified enrollment entity in San Luis Obispo, helping to ensure that the community had access to affordable health insurance programs. We will continue to honor our commitment to, and services for people living with HIV/AIDS, but the community’s needs are much greater today. That is why we are grateful to AHF for its support during this transition and look forward to collaborating with them on projects and services in the future.”

“We are pleased to support the Access Support Network in Central California and it is my hope that we can work together to help them facilitate the expansion of HIV services into Monterey County over the coming weeks,” said Joey Terrill, Director of Community Partnerships for AHF. “Central California, especially Salinas, has a significant IDU population similar to Austin, Indiana, where AHF recently deployed one of its HIV testing vans and opened an HIV clinic. In general, Central California has experienced stagnant funding and cutbacks over the last few years coupled with dwindling donations. ASN is one of the few HIV/AIDS service organizations in San Luis Obispo and soon to be in Monterey County and they pride themselves on their sustainability and growth, given the way they have diversified their services and their funding sources. It is an honor to lend a hand to this worthy organization in what was a situation potentially fraught with unknowns and a daunting time crunch.”

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