New AHF Billboards Promote Access to Treatment Around the Globe

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In recent weeks, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has posted new billboards in South Africa, Mexico, Ukraine, and Nepal promoting increased access to lifesaving HIV/AIDS treatment – one campaign, 20×20, marks new global goal of getting 20 million people on treatment by 2020

In late November, global health organization AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) launched an ambitious new campaign, “20×20”, which aims to motivate global governments and providers to get 20 million people on lifesaving antiretroviral treatment for HIV/AIDS by the year 2020.

Since the campaign’s formal Asian and African launches in Bangkok, Thailand on Nov. 20 and in Durban, South Africa on Nov. 26, AHF has posted billboards promoting the effort along the road to Umlazi in South Africa, in Mexico, and in Ukraine.

AHF sign in Mexico

The billboards for 20×20 were also posted in Nepal, where AHF also posted promotions for “Treatment = Life,” the nonprofit’s theme for the recent commemoration of World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, which also promoted universal access to treatment through government and nongovernment cooperation.

ahf sign in south africa

“Of the thirty-four million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, twenty-four million people still do not have access to AIDS treatment,” said Cambodia-based AHF Asia Bureau Chief Dr. Chhim Sarath at the Bangkok 20×20 launch.  “Despite funding cuts, billions of dollars have already been committed to fighting AIDS, but these resources need to be re-prioritized toward testing and treatment so that every dollar spent brings us closer to getting at least twenty million people on lifesaving treatment by 2020.”

AHF sign in Ukraine

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