MOMS Pharmacy rebranded as AHF Pharmacy

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Following AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s acquisition of MOMS Pharmacy last summer, AHF completes the transition by renaming and fully incorporating MOMS remaining locations into its AHF Pharmacy chain; acquisition established national leader in specialized pharmacy services focused on HIV/AIDS care, now with 32 locations

LOS ANGELES, CA & MELVILLE, NY (January 17, 2013) AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest nonprofit global HIV/AIDS organization, today announced that following its August 2012 acquisition of MOMS Pharmacy, a specialty pharmacy focused exclusively on providing medications and support services to people living with HIV/AIDS, it is fully incorporating and rebranding the chain into its own AHF Pharmacy brand. The name change will be effective immediately; however, due to compliance with state board of pharmacy regulations in states where MOMS has been operating as well as the need to replace signage, prescription labeling, collateral material and other fixtures, it is expected that the entire process of rebranding MOMS to AHF Pharmacy may not be fully completed until several months.

AHF, founded in 1987, provides medical care and services to more than 185,000 individuals in 28 countries worldwide. AHF is also the largest non-profit provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the United States. With the MOMS acquisition, it now operates 32 AHF Pharmacy and AHF Pharmacy Access Centers throughout California, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Texas, Washington (state) and Washington, D.C. AHF Pharmacy specializes in HIV medications and offers complete medication/supplement analysis and automated 24-hour prescription refills, e-prescribing, and free, discreet home delivery or pick-up. Revenues generated from AHF Pharmacy help contribute to caring for AHF patients as well as supporting its prevention and testing programs both domestically and worldwide. Special services offered at select locations include free HIV testing, nutritional product offerings and Out of the Closet Thrift Stores.

MOMS Pharmacy, founded in 1983, operated 12 pharmacies and MOMS Pharmacy Access Centers in California, Washington, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. Nine of these original MOMS sites, including two access centers, remained open and now transition to the AHF Pharmacy brand. MOMS provided a wide range of medications and services for any individual’s healthcare needs, including comprehensive medication adherence programs and tools, including the innovative MOMSPak, a personal options program, free personal delivery, a refill reminder program, support services, nutritional supplements and a variety of educational programs and materials. MOMS Pharmacy was a division of Allion Healthcare. These services will now continue at the sites under the AHF Pharmacy name, with the GoPak and CalendarPak replacing the MOMSPak.

“2012 was an exciting year for AHF, heralded by the remarkable growth and expansion of many of our programs and services, including AHF’s acquisition of the MOMS Pharmacy chain in August. Throughout the transition, continuity of care and services for MOMS Pharmacy clients remained our highest priority, so we made a decision to continue to operate those pharmacies under the MOMS brand,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “Now, as we move ahead into 2013, we are fully incorporating the MOMS name into AHF by rebranding the chain into the AHF Pharmacy brand. MOMS’ strong national footprint coupled with AHF’s existing comprehensive offerings can only bolster our ability to serve the communities in our core markets and establishes AHF as a true leader in specialized pharmacy services tailored to serving HIV/AIDS clients.”

“At first glance, the transition from the ‘MOMS’ name may seem bittersweet to some involved with us over the years either as pharmacy clients or staff; however, MOMS was fortunate enough to join together with AHF, a recognized leader in nonprofit healthcare for 25 years and an ideal partner for MOMS Pharmacy,” said Anthony D. Luna, Chief of Sales for AIDS Healthcare Foundation and the former President of MOMS Pharmacy. “As a result, we are moving forward into a new chapter of our growth, unlocking even greater clinical outcomes for individuals living with HIV/AIDS by providing advanced, clinically comprehensive and cost-effective care to clients and working collaboratively with healthcare providers to better serve our communities through this newer, stronger pharmacy network. Since August, I have seen our mutually focused client-centered model ensure a seamless transition for our patients firsthand, and I am confident of its continued success as we move forward under the umbrella of AHF Pharmacy.”

“There is a common value system shared by AHF and MOMS Pharmacy that allows us to maximize our collective potential to provide the best care possible while also giving back to those communities most impacted by this disease,” said Scott Carruthers, National Director of Pharmacy for AHF. “We warmly welcomed the MOMS Pharmacy team and the providers and patients it serves into the AHF family back in August, and we continue to extend our welcome during this transition, confident that we can achieve great things together as AHF Pharmacy.”

The formal transaction for AHF’s acquisition of MOMS, closed on August 20, 2012, was subject to customary closing conditions. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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