PEPFAR Does Not Specify HIV To-Do List, says AIDS Healthcare Foundation

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by Ria Patel

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), a reputed service, which provides AIDS medical care as well as help people get treatment, has said that it is quite disappointed with the Obama administration.

They said the administration has not been able to include specifics, which can bring improvements in the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The foundation, which provides service to more than 183,000 individuals in as many as 27 countries, said that they were expecting some really great moves from President Obama.

The plan for the same was launched in teleconference hosted by Hillary Clinton. After reading the paper, experts reached at a conclusion that the PEPFAR is nothing more than a talk and spin by the administration.

Though it has been mentioned in the plan that they will focus on research as well as will increase generic medicines, they were not found to be providing complete details of their to-do lists. “There are some generic pledges in the plan to scale-up testing and treatment, but the Blueprint does not offer concrete plans of how we will actually get there”, said experts.

It is needed that the Obama administration should take some more steps, so that it can emerge as a global leader in fighting against HIV and AIDS.

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