allAfrica: Nigeria: Group Urges Access to HIV Services

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BY Mohammed S. Shehu

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has reiterated its commitment to mobilize community action to expand access to HIV services in Nigeria.

The foundation, in statement by the Country Director, Dr. Olawale Salami , said the action was part of events slated for the commemoration of the 2012 World AIDS Day billed for December 1.

“Sadly, in Nigeria, this year alone, the country has recorded about 300,000 new HIV infections. Nigeria now carries the 2nd highest global burden of HIV/AIDS after South Africa with about 3.1million persons living with the disease. From this figure, about 1.5million requires treatment, meanwhile, less than 360,000 have access to treatment. As at today, less than 20% of Nigerians have conducted an HIV/AIDS test,” the statement said.

The foundation said it is using the avenue of the 2012 World AIDS day to call communities together from across the country in solidarity and to build a common consensus amongst stakeholders, while paying tribute to the millions of people living with HIV/AIDS.

AHF is an international NGO working to increase access to HIV testing and treatment in over 25 countries across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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