Opinion: Apples, tomatoes and condoms – Measure B supporters get creative

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Press-Telegram Long Beach, CA
By: Opinion Page Staff


Those planning to attend the weekly farmer’s market tonight at Bixby Park can expect to be treated to an array of red apples, red tomatoes — and condoms wrapped in red wrappers.

Yes, condoms. Proponents of county Measure B — the initiative asking voters whether pornographic movie actors should be required to wear condoms — took their message to the streets of Long Beach today.

Supporters wearing red shirts emblazoned with “Yes on B” stood at the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and Junipero Avenue, waving at motorists while holding fistfuls of condoms. Along with launching the campaign on billboards and television ads, the “Yes on B” committee is spreading its message in a very California style by popping up at the beach and at a local farmer’s market.

Known as the “Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act,” Measure B was placed on the Los Angeles County ballot by AIDS Healthcare Foundation after a pair of porn actors said they contracted HIV while having unsafe sex during the filming of an adult movie.

These pages have urged a “No” vote on Measure B because California employee-safety laws already require condoms on film sets, making the initiative a redundancy. Additionally, Southern California and the San Fernando Valley may be the world’s porn capital, but the adult film industry is not a huge public safety threat: only 280 adult film actors live in Los Angeles County year-round.

No matter your feelings about the porn industry, it’s interesting to see the creative methods both sides of Measure B are taking to spread their messages.

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