AHF Condom Ads: Paving the Way for a Safer Tomorrow

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Condoms are one of the most common, inexpensive and accessible ways to prevent not only HIV but also many other sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs).  That’s why AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has been promoting them for nearly 25 years. The organization has numerous campaigns that all promote the same clear message— If you’re having sex, you need to use a condom, consistently—every time.

AHF’s latest safer sex billboard initiative can be seen throughout Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco.  The “Safety” billboard features a very simple image of three items that protect people and keep them safer: a seatbelt, a hard-hat and a condom.  Viewers are then referred to a website www.useacondom.com for more information.  The billboard is designed to promote condoms as a way to protect yourself and keep you safe – just as seatbelts keep you safe while driving and hard-hats keep workers safe on the job.

 When used correctly condoms are over 98% effective.  There are two major issues to consider to ensure effective condom usage. The first is making sure that a condom is available when it’s time to use one. Many times people have unsafe sex simply because there was no condom present.  The second issue is proper usage.  Often, people that do have the forethought to have one available, fail to use a condom correctly.  For more information about how to use a condom, please visit: www.useacondom.com.

Condom education and distribution remain key to helping people stay safe during sex. Campaigns like AHF’s “Safety” billboard and its year-long Condom Nation—a free condom giveaway tour through the U.S.—are part of AHF’s ongoing campaign to increase condom usage and education while making condoms more accessible and affordable.  AHF’s marketing tactics have certainly never been “ordinary,” especially concerning safer sex. One of our intentions is to normalize safer sex practices in a nation where many still find the  topic of sex taboo. Whether it’s our groundbreaking Condom Nation tour or various advertising campaigns that promote safer sex and condom use, AHF is paving the way for a safer tomorrow.

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