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AHF Panama started formal collaboration in the country in October of 2018 with a project to support the HIV Treatment Clinic in Colon City, the second province with the highest HIV prevalence rate after Panama City. Since then, we have established collaboration with a second treatment clinic in the Province of Veraguas, reaching an important number of indigenous and local populations affected by HIV. Our purpose in both clinics is to collaborate with local health teams in providing quality and effective healthcare to newly diagnosed patients, promote treatment adherence and prevent dropouts among clinic’s patients.
AHF also supports the National HIV Response with the most effective testing and linkage to care program, which is delivered from AHF’s Testing Center in Panama City which also reaches high incidence communities and key population groups. AHF Panama has established strategic partnerships with government, agencies, civil society and the private sector to support coordinated actions towards achieving the 95- 95-95 Global Strategy to end HIV/aids by 2030, and has been very active in proposing conducive structural changes based on scientific evidence and aggressive advocacy actions.
In Panama, the epidemic is a concentrated, with 1.0% of the adult population between 15 and 49 years living with HIV. It is estimated that 31,000 people live with the virus, affecting groups of vulnerable populations.

The following key population groups are the most affected by HIV in Panama:

  • Sex workers, with a prevalence of 1.1%.
  • Men who have sex with men with an HIV prevalence of 13.4%.
  • Transsexual people, with an HIV prevalence of 29.8%.
  • Out of 31,000 of people living with HIV, only 61% know their status
  • 31,000 people live with HIV but only 51.6% of them have access to antiretroviral therapy.

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Clients in Care: 2,861


People living with HIV: 31,000 *

Prevalence in adults 15-49 years: 1.0% *

Percentage of people living with HIV receiving treatment: 51%*

HIV prevalence in MSM: 13% *

Prevalence of HIV infection in pregnant women: 0,31% **

Estimated rate of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: 13.4% **


· UNAIDS – Panama – 2020 (*)

· PAHO (**)