AHF operates through different partnerships to provide HIV services in Lesotho. The services target group is Lesotho Mounted Police Services, their extended families and the general public. The four main Memoranda of Understanding are as follows:

a) AHF Lesotho and Ministry of Health.

b) AHF Lesotho, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Police and Public Safety (Tripartite MOU).

c) AHF Lesotho and Lesotho Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (LENEPWHA),

d) AHF Lesotho and church denominations with health facilities supported by AHF.

Over the past eight years, the program has expanded its presence from the initial two districts of Maseru and Leribe and has grown to cover three additional districts of Berea, Thaba-Tseka and Mafeteng, totaling to five districts out of 10 districts of Lesotho.

AHF Lesotho has 43,063 active patients in care (as of 10/09/2022). Lesotho Network of People Living with HIV (LENEPWHA) remains a key partner implementing Provider Initiated Counselling and testing (PITC) in 11 health facilities under the Maseru District Health Management team (DHMT). Fourteen health facilities spread across five districts under church denomination account for 22,897 (as of 10/09/2022) of active patients in care.

AHF Lesotho also runs youth led programs, namely Teen Clubs (adolescent corners), Girls ACT and Young People’s Program (YPP). Teen Clubs are safe spaces for adolescents living with HIV to access ART and other medical treatment when a need arises within a setting which is user friendly. Girls ACT empowers girls and young women to stay healthy and thrive through HIV and STI prevention and reduction of unplanned pregnancies. It ensures HIV positive girls to stay on treatment and foster leadership and confidence for girls and young women to support each other, strengthen fundamental life skills and develop community activism. While young people’s program target both boys, girls, young men and young women with empowerment through provision of health education and services to reduce new HIV infections aiming at the age group 10 to 24 at community level.

During covid-19 pandemic AHF introduced a Food4Health program, which supports vulnerable patients with food parcels (Maize Meal, Cooking Oil, Sugar and Beans) in all AHF supported sites. It also procured PPE (Surgical masks, cloth masks, hand sanitizer, reusable aprons, branded medical scrubs, sanitizers’ dispensers and reusable face masks for patients) for the protection of both service providers and clients.

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Girls Act empowers girls and young women to stay healthy and thrive! We work to prevent HIV and STI infections, help young women and girls remain on treatment if HIV-positive, reduce unplanned pregnancies, and support them to stay in school.

To learn more about Girls Act or HIV testing, please get in touch with us at [email protected].


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Country Program Manager

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Clients in Care: 43,063


Adults 15-49 prevalence rate: 20.9%*

Children 0-14 living with HIV: 9,700*

Adults 15+ living with HIV: 280,000*

Women 15+ living with HIV: 170,000*

Orphans due to AIDS: 110,000

*Averages, UNAIDS 2021 estimates