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In 2006, AHF established a clinic inside the Hospital Rodolfo Robles in Quetzaltenango with the support of the local government and a non-profit (IDEI). The clinic provides ARV treatment to people living with HIV and has increased the care of patients who also have tuberculosis or other pulmonary diseases.

Today, AHF Guatemala operates with medical personal, technical, and administrative personnel, equipment and supplies. It also provides education, training, and medical personnel in 12 of the 16 HIV clinics currently operating in the country.

HIV/AIDS in Guatemala is concentrated in urban areas. 70% of all people living with HIV/AIDS live in Guatemala City and the metropolitan region. Even though the epidemic is concentrated in sex workers and men who have sex with men (MSM), about 75% of HIV transmissions come from heterosexual relations. Guatemala and neighboring countries also experience a high HIV prevalence amongst people with tuberculosis.

In 2016, an estimated 46,000 Guatemalans are living with HIV, out of the 15 million total population.  An estimated 2,900 new HIV infections occurred in 2016. Gender prevalence amongst adults (15-49) shows women at .4% compared to men at .6%.  Out of the 46,000 Guatemalans living with HIV, approximately 17,000 are on treatment.

Sources: UNAIDS 2016 estimates

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Saul Paau Maaz, Lic.,
Country Program Manager

Office: +(502) 2250-0591
Mobile: +(502) 5351-3706

[email protected]


AHF Guatemala - Office

 6ta AV 11-43 zona 1 Edificio PAN AM 6to Nivel, Oficina 603 y 604 Ciudad de Guatemala.

 +502 4290-7663
 [email protected]

Clients in AHF Care: 11,939

Clients receiving ART: 11,867

People living with HIV: 33,000*

Adults 15-49 prevalence rate: 0.2%*

Adults 15+ living with HIV: 30,000*

Women 15+ living with HIV: 12,000*

Men 15+ living with HIV: 18,000*

Orphans (0-17) due to AIDS: 19,000*

*Source: UNAIDS - Guatemala - 2020