AHF Opens Las Vegas Wellness Clinic Offering Free HIV & STD Screenings

AHF opens new Las Vegas Wellness, designed to make screening for sexually transmitted diseases free and accessible to all, regardless of gender identity, as well as to promote sexual health as part of routine health care for all sexually active people.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (November 16, 2016) AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) opened a new Wellness clinic in Las Vegas, a site which offers free sexually-transmitted disease (STD) screenings, including HIV testing. The newest location is at a specialized clinic in Las Vegas at 3201 S. Maryland Parkway #218, Las Vegas, Nevada and is open on Wednesday 5:30PM to 8:30PM (Building door closes at 8:00PM) and Saturday from 12:00PM to 4:00PM. AHF Wellness is a walk in clinic, no appointment necessary. More information can be found at www.freeSTDcheck.org.

Las Vegas Wellness is designed to make testing for STD’s and HIV accessible and convenient, as well as to encourage regular sexual health screenings as part of routine health care for all sexually active people. Services offered include: free Chlamydia screening and treatment; free Gonorrhea screening and treatment; free Syphilis screening and treatment and free HIV testing and linkage to HIV primary care.

“We are pleased to be opening this latest AHF Wellness in the Las Vegas area-offering services to the community”, said Dr. Michael Karagiozis, NV HCC AHF Medical Director. “Our hope is that by offering these services in a friendly, non-judgmental venue, more people in Las Vegas will consider health screenings a regular part of their health maintenance – like going to the gym and getting a yearly check-up at the dentist. There is effective treatment for most STD’s, so it truly is better to know your status – for your health and for the health of your partner or partners.”

“According to the “Southern Nevada Health District Statistics, Surveillance, and Reports”, cases of Chlamydia rose 10 percent, from 7,477 cases in 2015 to 8,188 cases in 2016 (year to date); Gonorrhea cases rose 17 percent, from 2,186 cases in 2015 to 2,551 cases in 2016 (year to date); Primary and Secondary Syphilis rose 12 percent, from 211 cases in 2015 to 237 cases in 2016 (year to date); and cases of Early Latent Syphilis rose 19 percent from 293 cases in 2015 to 348 cases in 2016 (year to date)” said Dr. Warren Magnus, AHF Wellness Center Medical Provider.

In addition to the new Las Vegas location, AHF operates Wellness Centers in California, Ohio, Florida, New York, Washington DC, and Texas. More information and locations can be found at www.freeSTDcheck.org .