AHF Global
Reporting Fraud And Corruption

Report Here

AHF has zero tolerance for fraud, corruption, and financial mismanagement that prevents resources from reaching the people who need them. Please report your concerns by filling out the form here or clicking the "Report Here" button on this page.

As a whistleblower, you are protected from retaliation from anyone at AHF based on any report you make in good faith. AHF does not tolerate such retaliation.

Please note:

  • This page is for concerns related to AHF’s Global programs only
  • This page is not for HR-related issues. HR concerns should be directed to the appropriate country or Bureau HR team.

When submitting your report, you do not need to include your name, but it is helpful if you do, so the investigations team can follow up with you for any additional information. We will handle your report carefully, confidentially, and speedily.

What to Report

Remember: AHF is a charity and we do not charge for our services. Beware of anyone who wants a fee to access AHF services or funding and report the person here. Other things to report:

  • Stealing money, medicine, or supplies
  • Personal use of AHF money or other assets
  • Fake invoicing
  • Staging of fake training events
  • Falsifying financial documents
  • Charging for free AHF services
  • Kickbacks
  • Rigging procurement processes (for example: fake bids, bid collusion, bid manipulation)
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Other bad actions that hurt AHF's reputation, programs, or finances
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