Whitney Engeran-Cordova
Vice President, Public Health Division

Whitney Engeran-Cordova has worked in the HIV field for 20 years and oversees the Public Health Division, and is involved in advocacy, policy, and legislative efforts for AHF. Having been Executive Director of a small non-profit AIDS Service Organization, Being Alive Long Beach and Housing, for 11 years, Engeran-Cordova joined AHF in 2006 as Director of the Prevention and Testing Department. Since 2006, the Prevention and Testing Department has been transformed into the Public Health Division, becoming over 10 times larger than it was in 2006 and is now in 10 states providing over 150,000 HIV tests in 2014. Under his leadership, the Public Health Division is designing new technological approaches to HIV through a touch screen registration process, projecting mobile HIV testing on an unprecedented scale, developing models for linkage to care, and researching new methods for reducing STD incidence in our most affected communities.

Engeran-Cordova was appointed to the LA County Commission on HIV by County Supervisor Don Knabe to represent the 4th Supervisorial District and served from 2001-2012. The Commission serves as the Ryan White Planning Council for the Los Angeles EMA. Engeran-Cordova was also elected to chair the Public Policy Committee of the Commission from 2002-2011, serving 9 terms.

Engeran-Cordova has helped to craft and pass over 10 pieces of legislation, as well as Ordinances and Ballot measures related to AHF’s advocacy work. He was honored as the Community Grand Marshall of the Long Beach Gay Pride parade and named the Lambda Democratic Club’s Man of the Year in 2006 for contributions to the gay community.