Terri Ford
Chief of Global Advocacy & Policy

During her 30-plus years as a passionate HIV/AIDS and public health activist, Terri Ford became AHF’s “go-to” person for new initiatives and large projects. While protesting in the streets with ACT UP, she served in early AIDS hospice care in Los Angeles in the 1990s – moving on to oversee the design and construction of AHF’s award-winning and state-of-the-art in-patient hospice facility, Linn House. At the advent of the new HIV “cocktail” in 1996, Terri went on to serve as its Administrative Director, transforming it into one of the first in-patient antiretroviral treatment facilities in the U.S. and globally.

Following Linn House, she designed and launched AHF’s innovative HIV testing and prevention program in the U.S. – and later globally – helping to revolutionize access to convenient and lifesaving testing and treatment. Utilizing AHF’s unique “model advocacy,” Terri led high-level policy change internationally at the World Health Organization and the country level. She was instrumental in rejuvenating condom demand across the globe with the design and production of AHF’s “LOVE” condom and continues those efforts today by leading and inspiring skilled and dedicated teams.

Terri has organized massive International AIDS Conference Treatment Marches in cities worldwide, including Barcelona, Toronto, Bangkok, Mexico City, Washington D.C., and Durban – fighting for AIDS Treatment Now and overcoming many challenges – following her team motto of “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

In 2002, she was deployed to South Africa to start AHF’s global programs and open its first clinic outside the United States. Today, she travels extensively to all of AHF’s 45 countries and believes in on-the-ground, hands-on leadership and support.

Currently, Terri and her team utilize AHF’s significant influence and her 30 years of experience to advocate for the millions still in need of HIV/AIDS treatment, equitable vaccine access, a renewed focus on the growing sexually transmitted infections crisis, and a new Global Public Health Convention.