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The Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is a global nonprofit organization providing cutting-edge medicine and advocacy to over 1,500,000 people in 45 countries. We are currently the largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the world.

AHF funds its mission to rid the world of AIDS through a network of pharmacies, thrift stores, healthcare contracts and other strategic partnerships. Generating new, innovative ways of treatment, prevention and advocacy has been the hallmark of our success.

Since 1987, AHF has cared for thousands of people living with HIV and AIDS worldwide. As we create and implement new programs in communities across the U.S. and abroad, we expand delivery of healthcare and influence over policy with the aim of saving more lives.

International Condom Day 2021

A Global Public Health Convention for the 21st Century
“A Global Public Health Convention for the 21st Century” is freely accessible to the public via The Lancet Public Health website and in a pdf document. The recommendations in the study are central to the Panel’s efforts to bring about a much-needed paradigm shift in the global public health architecture in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Click on the buttons below to view a corresponding version of the article.
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2021 Pride: Wilton Manors June 22nd, 2021

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Funding lifesaving emergency relief, global efforts to end HIV and AIDS, and so much more...

As the largest AIDS organization in the world, AHF makes it our mission to give back. Through grants, emergency funds, and strategic partnerships, we're able to provide millions of dollars worth of life-saving services, programs, and more.


Dollars in a Year

Last year, we provided 120 grants worth $3 million to organizations that promote HIV testing, awareness, prevention, treatment, and more.


Emergency Grants

In 2020 alone, we gave out 215 emergency COVID-19 grants to provide small, community organizations relief to deliver vital services in their areas.

20 MILLION & Counting

Dollars to Community Partners

We invested $20 million in our partner organizations to provide testing and vital services in areas and communities in need.

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Vaccinate Our World / Share American Vaccines Protest, June 10, 2021

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