CDC Reports Show U.S. Must Do More to Control HIV 

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Current plan falls short on prevention, testing and treatment, and retention in care to help more people living with HIV reach viral suppression 

 LOS ANGELES (May 22, 2024) – AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the world’s largest HIV/AIDS healthcare organization, released the following statement in response to the CDC 2022 Surveillance Reports available this week which reveal disparities in preventing HIV and for people living with HIV in the US compared to the rest of the world. Among G7 countries, the US has one of the highest numbers of people living with HIV (1,079,751) and had the greatest number of newly diagnosed cases (36,470) in 2022, based on the most recent HIV reports available from each country.  

“America has targeted a reduction in new HIV cases by 90% by 2023 with the Ending the HIV Epidemic goals, but we are a long way away,” says Dr. Michael Dube, National Medical Director of AHF’s Public Health Division. “Prevention efforts are insufficient, which is evident given the substantial number of new HIV infections in 2022. The US is not doing its best to prevent the spread of HIV.  

“For people living with HIV, viral suppression with uninterrupted medication leads to healthy living, and it ensures no further transmission of HIV. Consistent retention in HIV care and medication adherence support absolutely will reduce the number of new cases. With public health funding for HIV and STIs diminishing every year, it is clear a reinvigorated plan is needed to combat the HIV epidemic in the US.  

“The US’ HIV rates are unconscionable when compared with G7 countries and many developing countries. America’s retention in care efforts are failing people living with HIV, and it shows in the decrease in viral suppression.  

“The US should renew its efforts in preventing HIV by directly addressing prevention strategies, retention in care, and viral suppression if there is any chance to meet the Ending the HIV Epidemic goals.”  

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