AHF Applauds Novel Gonorrhea Treatment

In Global Advocacy, Global Featured, News by Brian Shepherd

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) applauds promising clinical trial results for a new drug zoliflodacin, which was co-developed by Swiss nonprofit Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership and U.S.-based company Innoviva Specialty Therapeutics to treat gonorrhea.

“Antibiotic-resistant sexually transmitted infections have become disturbingly widespread with millions of cases globally. Meanwhile, the number of effective treatments is shrinking because of antibiotic overuse and poor condom use. It’s good to see a nonprofit taking the lead in developing a treatment in a space that has not seen significant innovation in many years,” said AHF President Michael Weinstein. “If approved, zoliflodacin will be an important tool for putting the brakes on gonorrhea—provided it is affordable and accessible—but we must remain vigilant because antimicrobial resistance is an ever-present danger as long as prevention takes a backseat to treatment.”

AHF has run awareness marketing campaigns on STI prevention and treatment for many years in the U.S. and globally. Among them is a series of billboards under the theme “Gonorrhea Alert.”


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