Executive Board Room in WHO Headquarters, Geneva. WHO / Christopher Black WHA74: Executive Board Room in WHO Headquarters, Geneva. Credits

WHA Member States Must Ratify Enforceable Pandemic Accord

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With the Seventy-sixth World Health Assembly underway in Geneva, AIDS Healthcare Foundation reiterates that the world desperately still needs an enforceable pandemic accord that ensures pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response – a mechanism grounded in transparency, accountability, and cooperation.

“This is the third World Health Assembly since the start of COVID-19, and we’re hearing the same old song and dance – WHA Member States are not willing to do what is necessary, including thwarting pharma greed, to adequately protect their and the world’s citizens from future pandemics,” said AHF President Michael Weinstein. “We urge the 194 Member States, particularly wealthy countries, to negotiate and agree on a pandemic accord that serves all countries and works to ensure transparency, accountability, and cooperation. Like aviation, commerce, and atomic energy – global public health needs its own widely accepted standard during public health emergencies. We call on delegates at the Seventy-sixth WHA to make it happen.”

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