U.S. Ranks Near Bottom in Preventing New HIV Cases

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Twelve percent decrease pales in comparison to success rates of most other industrialized nations in getting people living with HIV on treatment and virally suppressed



Los Angeles, CA (May 23, 2023) – AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is warning that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report showing United States HIV infection rates declined by 12 percent from 2017 to 2021 belies the bigger picture. While the United States boasts world class clinicians and pharmaceutical innovators, America ranks near the bottom of advanced industrialized nations in terms of preventing new HIV cases and achieving viral suppression for its HIV population.


“The statistics are unacceptable. Thirty-two thousand new cases per year represents a failure in epidemic control. Despite tens of billions of dollars spent, only 58% of Americans with HIV are virally suppressed which lags behind several poor countries in Africa,” said Michael Weinstein, AHF founder and president. “Furthermore, people of color continue to lack the assistance they need to prevent and treat HIV while our fragmented healthcare system creates obstacles to care and the lack of primary prevention aids the spread of the virus. Ten years ago, the main issue was all the people who didn’t know they were living with HIV and, therefore, weren’t getting treatment. Today, the problem is too many people don’t get care or don’t stay in care. Lawmakers, health officials, and non-government actors must demand more from our public health investments focused on HIV prevention.”



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