World Health Day Marks a Time for Change

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) marks World Health Day on April 7 by reminding world leaders and global public health institutions that a new Global Public Health Convention is still needed if the world is to be ready to prevent and respond effectively to future pandemics.

“We’re more than three years removed from the start of COVID-19, and sadly, we cannot say confidently that we’re in a much better place today regarding pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response,” said AHF Deputy Chief of Global Advocacy and Policy Loretta Wong. “The world still desperately needs a new global public health framework that ensures transparency, accountability, and cooperation – aspects of which member states are still going back and forth about during International Negotiating Body meetings to draft a new pandemic accord. On World Health Day, we call on all countries, particularly wealthy nations, to do what is right and establish a pandemic treaty that protects all countries. Otherwise, we’ll continue repeating the same mistakes that led to nearly seven million deaths thanks to a world unprepared for COVID-19.”

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