AHF Issues $100M Homeless Challenge to L.A. City Council

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Asks for matching $100M commitment to buy and rehabilitate buildings to house homeless over next three years


LOS ANGELES (April 7, 2023) Housing justice advocates from AHF and its housing division, Healthy Housing Foundation (HHF), are issuing a $100 million matching challenge to the Los Angeles City Council. A full-page, full color advocacy ad set to run Sunday April 9, 2023 in the main news section of Los Angeles Times will announce the “100,000,000 Homeless Challenge.”


AHF is pledging “… it will invest $100 million to buy and rehab buildings over the next three years if the city, state, and feds will match it.”

“At $100,000 per housing unit, AHF’s challenge—should the city be bold enough match it—would house as many as 2,000 of LA’s poorest residents and make a significant dent in housing our homeless population.,” said Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “At a time when five homeless people die on the streets of Los Angeles every day, we need urgent, decisive action.”


AHF’s ad also asks the City Council “… to move us through the permit and inspection process in record speed and to waive any city fees.”

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