AHF Protests Gilead Greed in Amsterdam

In Global Advocacy, Global Featured, News by Denys Nazarov

On March 14, 30 people, including AHF Europe team and local partners gathered to demand that Gilead Sciences stop its greedy tactics of overpricing lifesaving drugs and refusing to register some medications in lower-income countries, and consistently blocking attempts to introduce cheaper, generic versions of its medicines.

Specifically, the advocates presented the following demands to Gilead :

  • Stop evergreening patents on existing HIV/AIDS drugs.
  • Open the license for the generic production of the hepatitis C drug Harvoni to all low- and middle-income countries, without exception.
  • For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, sell or license remdesivir for generic distribution at a non-profit price.
  • License technology to produce treatment for cryptococcal meningitis to generic manufacturers.
  • Link executive compensation to the impact on positive public health outcomes and access to medicines in developing countries.


The team protested in front of the Gilead office in Amsterdam, which is located in business district of the city. At the end of the protest, AHF delivered a demand letter to the local Gilead office.


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