AHF Celebrates 30 years of 340B

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AHF Celebrates 30 years of 340B

WASHINGTON (November 3, 2022) AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is proud to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the highly effective 340B drug pricing program.

On November 4, 1992, US President George H.W. Bush signed the bipartisan Veterans Health Care Act, containing the 340B program, into law. Since then, 340B has assisted thousands of nonprofit safety net providers – including AHF – to help care for the most vulnerable and low-income populations in their communities.

Most people have never heard of 340B, though their lives are better off for it. Since its inception, 340B has worked exactly as it was intended – delivering significant positive effects on the quality of care. Here at AHF, savings from the program help support free and low-cost healthcare services for people living with HIV.

The drug industry voluntarily participates in the 340B program in order to access the lucrative, $73.4 billion, taxpayer-funded Medicaid drug market. Unfortunately, those same drug companies are attacking 340B, spreading false claims of fraud, increased costs, and lack of transparency. AHF is proud to lead the fight against the industry and their aggressive attacks on 340B.

Representing less than 8% of all drug sales, 340B is one of the most effective healthcare programs. Impressively, it costs taxpayers absolutely nothing. Thirty years later, 340B is one of the only effective, efficient government drug pricing programs that saves lives.

We look forward to 340B successfully continuing for the next thirty years and beyond.


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