Condoms, condoms, condoms for Malawians!

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Engaging in some intimacy is now safer in Malawi after advocates handed out 30,000 condoms during two events and across a region that sees HIV prevalence as high as 5% per year.

AHF Malawi held the first event in late Sept. near a Malawi-Mozambique border crossing, a site that averages a nearly 5% HIV prevalence rate annually. Organizers conducted HIV testing and distributed more than 11,300 free AHF-branded LOVE and ICON condoms to attendees who were entertained by famous local and national musicians and comedians.

A local university with an enrollment of nearly 3,000 students was the site for the second event held earlier this month. Participants were treated to a dance competition, sports activities, poetry readings, and live performances by renowned young artists. Advocates handed out almost 19,000 free condoms (11,520 from AHF and 7,200 from the government) and offered HIV testing, cervical cancer screenings, and other comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services.

“Including sports activities was a great way to integrate HIV prevention & testing services since it helps students to have a holistic approach when addressing their health needs,” said Lilongwe Technical College Principal Suzgika Mvalo. National AIDS Commission Officer, James Njobvuyalema, added, “The activity was very relevant and aligned well with the objectives of the HIV and AIDS Strategy for Higher Education Institutions.”

AHF has been working in Malawi since 2016 and currently provides HIV/AIDS care and treatment to nearly 41,900 registered patients.

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