AHF Announces Gateway Hollywood, New Affordable Housing Project

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AHF Announces Gateway Hollywood,

New Affordable Housing Project


In its latest L.A. Times housing advocacy ad, AHF’s Healthy Housing Foundation announces plans for a new affordable housing project—“the future of low-cost housing”—a development which will include 375 new housing units in the center of the historic Hollywood district


LOS ANGELES (September 3, 2022 ) AHF and its Healthy Housing Foundation is announcing plans to erect a new affordable housing project “Gateway Hollywood”  which will be comprised of 375 new housing units in the heart of Hollywood. The construction of this new building will be unique because the architecture will be utilizing cutting edge modular construction, meaning it will be built at half the cost and half the time. This element is key, as creating new affordable housing requires that construction be much less expensive.


The Gateway Hollywood will become the 14th affordable housing site in the Los Angeles area that Healthy Housing Foundation has purchased and will repurpose as homeless or extremely-low-income housing since late 2017, when AHF first kicked off its housing program. Healthy Housing Foundation also has plans to build newly built affordable housing units in the Ft. Lauderdale area near its AHF Southern Bureau Headquarters. In addition, many AHF affiliate organizations across the U.S. are also involved in providing affordable housing in their communities.


A completed render of the new building “Gateway Hollywood” will also be featured this weekend in a Los Angeles Times ad.


“Solving LA’s affordable housing crisis starts with providing permanent affordable housing everyone can afford,” said Susie Shannon, Policy Director, Housing Is A Human Right. “With 41,000 people homeless in the City of Los Angeles, we must do everything we can to bring homeless housing online as quickly as possible. There are too many people living and dying on the streets of LA because more is not being done to combat the issue of homelessness. AHF is providing the critical housing needed to get people off the streets and our new project, Gateway Hollywood, will give hundreds of people a place to finally call home.”


AHF launched Healthy Housing Foundation in 2017 to address the rampant affordable housing crisis sweeping the nation by providing fast, easy, and compassionate access to affordable housing with a focus on addressing the needs of low-income individuals, struggling families, youth, and those living with chronic illness.



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