SEXY 👄 got safer on ICD!

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Click above to watch the ICD recap video showing all the fun worldwide!

This year’s International Condom Day (ICD) was fantastic fun around the globe! AHF teams worldwide held “Always in Fashion” and “Safer is Sexy” virtual and live events across AHF’s 45 countries of operation. Check out all the ICD images below—and be sure to click on the country teams’ photo albums to see more!

In addition to the traditional festivities, ICD 2022 was also the perfect time to launch AHF’s newest condom advocacy campaign – a global effort to create a Condom Emoji! People can use emojis to talk about almost everything under the ☀️ – but there’s not an emoji to specifically represent sex, much less safer sex. Together, we can change that! Sign this petition and be part of the advocacy!

AHF took a burlesque rendition of a “West Side Story” on tour for ICD in the U.S.! Cities in Florida and Texas were treated to a wild and raunchy version of the timeless classic all while learning about safer-sex practices. We even created a parody music video of the famous musical’s “I Feel Pretty,” and turned it into “I Feel Frisky.” Watch the parody here!

Photo: Fort Lauderdale | HoustonOrlandoTampa

Eswatini and Lesotho held a fun sports day and an inspirational march, respectively, while Ethiopia used nighttime condom distribution to hit hot spots in the capital! ICD in Kenya featured talent shows, and Mozambique hosted lively dance performances. Reaching members of key populations, including migrants, was the focus of ICD in Malawi, and a traditional, multi-day road walk delivered condoms and testing across multiple Nigerian states.


Photo: Eswatini | Ethiopia | Kenya | Lesotho | Mozambique | Nigeria

Sierra Leone and South Africa hosted “Always in Fashion” runway shows that highlighted creative condom attire, and local Ugandan youth starred in dramatic ICD performances. Zambia held a student debate, and ICD advocates in Zimbabwe conducted educational sessions on safer sex. In Rwanda, influencers took to the airwaves and social media to reach youth nationwide!

Photo: Rwanda | Sierra Leone | South Africa | Uganda | Zambia | Zimbabwe

A mix of live and online events reached thousands in Cambodia, while members of at-risk populations were the focus of educational sessions in Indonesia and Myanmar. Laos utilized experts for virtual and in-person discussions. ICD in India featured a condom rally and street theater on HIV awareness!

Photo: Cambodia | India | Indonesia | Laos | Myanmar

Nepal held ICD rallies and flash mobs, and in the Philippines, staff conducted HIV testing. A celebrity in Thailand reached youth with “edutainment” sessions, while rural high schools were the sites for ICD in Vietnam.

Photo: Nepal | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam

In the Netherlands, a festive outdoor event provided a centralized location for members from migrant neighborhoods to enjoy ICD. In Estonia and Georgia, ICD consisted of social media campaigns using influencers and video animations. AHF partners conducted outreach testing and condom distribution in Greece, Portugal, and Russia—and the Lithuania team held exciting drag performances at a local club! Ukraine hosted an interactive “Culture of sex through the ages” art exhibit, while ICD was paired with National HIV Testing Week in the UK.

Photo: Estonia | Greece | Lithuania | Netherlands | Portugal | UK | Ukraine

ICD messages streamed through the skies via aircraft in Argentina, and in Chile, advocates held events in Santiago’s city square. El Salvador and Guatemala took to the streets with rallies and condom distribution, while an extensive HIV testing initiative stretched across multiple Colombian cities.

Photo: Argentina | Chile | Colombia | El Salvador | Guatemala

ICD 2022 marked the 4th annual Haiti Gay Pride Gala! Jamaica held fun events at a local fair, while advocates in Mexico sprung up on local streets to spread some International Condom Day LOVE. Panama had a fitness-themed ICD by utilizing yoga and Zumba, and in Peru, a packed concert set the scene for a perfect ICD finale.

Photo: Haiti | Jamaica | Mexico | Panama | Peru


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