AHF Mourns Dr. Paul Farmer, Global AIDS Treatment Champion

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Global nonprofit AIDS care provider salutes co-founder of Partners in Health for his tireless work helping people living with HIV around the world access lifesaving antiretroviral medications

WASHINGTON (February 21, 2022) AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) mourns the death of Dr. Paul Farmer, a global exemplar helping people in poor countries access lifesaving AIDS treatment long before many in the field thought it practical or possible.  Farmer, 62, was co-founder of Partners in Health, a 35-year-old global nonprofit organization delivering health care to the world’s poorest places and partnering with local governments to bring about global change. He died in his sleep in Rwanda early Monday, according to multiple news sources.


“As a doctor, but most of all as a human being, Paul Farmer was a tireless champion of access to lifesaving antiretroviral treatments personally travelling to poor countries across the globe to deliver medicine and care,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AHF, the largest global AIDS organization currently caring for over 1.7 million people living with HIV/AIDS in 45 countries around the globe. “Farmer was deeply committed to universal access to treatment for HIV and AIDS. He will be sorely missed but leaves a decades-long legacy of leadership in Partners in Health.”


According to the New York Times, “His (Farmer’s) work with Partners in Health significantly influenced public health strategies for responding to tuberculosis, H.I.V. and Ebola. During the AIDS crisis in Haiti, he went door to door to deliver antiviral medication, confounding many in the medical field who believed it would be impossible for poor rural people to survive the disease.”


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