Worldwide Die-ins Condemn Pfizer’s Greed

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A wave of demonstrations and die-ins directed at the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has rolled across the world. Advocates have come together to demand Pfizer share the recipe for its COVID-19 vaccine with other countries and lower the price of its shots. The die-ins are a symbolic reminder of the lives being claimed by pharma greed during the COVID-19 pandemic as the majority of people in the world remain without access to vaccines.

The grassroots actions took place across Latin America, Europe and Asia. In India for example, Catholic nuns from the order of the Sisters of the Destitute, who co-run AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s (AHF) Jyothis Care Center in Mumbai, lent their voices to the efforts. In many other countries, Pfizer protests included dramatic die-ins. These events coincide with a recent demonstration at the Pfizer world headquarters in New York City organized by AHF and its partners.

Die-ins are a long-running advocacy tradition from the early days of AIDS activism. Their purpose was, and still is, to draw attention and raise a sense of urgency about suffering and death of people around the world deprived of lifesaving medicines at the hands of greedy pharma companies.

Even though our advocates come from all across the world, their message is clear: Pfizer must share the vaccine recipe with other countries and lower its vaccine prices immediately! Below is a selection of photos from these striking actions.

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