Creative Condom Containers Debut on Campus!

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A contest featuring creative ideas for condom distribution containers on a local university campus was the focus of a recent event organized by AHF China and government health authority partners. The student-led initiative aimed to reach the more than 60% of sexually active college attendees across the country who reportedly do not use condoms.

Judges for the Condom Ambassador Alliance campaign selected nine winning contestants from dozens of submitted designs for condom containers. Those selectees then placed their finished products at different locations across the Shanxi University campus and uploaded photos to social media.

One Condom Ambassador who placed his container where students retrieve their packages said, “This is where almost every student goes every day. It’ll remind us that condoms are a must-have for sex!” Another competitor added that condoms should be placed in public bathrooms – which would help destigmatize them and “make condoms fashionable and cool!”

“Recent research tells us that more than 3,000 students contract HIV every year, primarily due to unprotected sex,” said AHF Asia Deputy Bureau Chief Dr. Yugang Bao. “It’s vital that young people take control of their health, and with campaigns like the Condom Ambassador Alliance, students can help educate their peers on HIV prevention and let them know the importance of practicing safer sex.”

After the awards ceremony, the selectees participated in a workshop where they expressed their visions and plans for future condom advocacy activities at the college. AHF China plans to expand the Condom Ambassador Alliance campaign and HIV testing to schools across all provinces where AHF operates.

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