International Condom Day 2021

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COVID-19 has impacted many aspects of our lives, and access to condoms was not spared from the effects of the pandemic. But that didn’t stop AHF from hosting our ever-popular (and COVID-safe) “Always in Fashion” and “Safer is Sexy” International Condom Day (ICD) events worldwide!

“This current pandemic reminds us how critical it is to protect ourselves,” said AHF Director of Global Advocacy and Partnerships Joey Terrill. “We’ve been fighting HIV for nearly 40 years, yet condoms – an extremely cost-effective method for preventing HIV, STIs and unplanned pregnancies – are still difficult to access for millions of people around the world. We all have the power to do more to change that, including governments, international public health agencies, NGOs and individuals. Access to affordable condoms that are packaged in an attractive way, along with consistent use, can go a long way in reducing new HIV infections, and save lives!”

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See why condoms are “Always in Fashion” by checking out all the fun photos from ICD 2021 below – and connect with us on social media to share how you spent your “Safer is Sexy” International Condom Day and helped win the fight against HIV/AIDS!

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Cambodia | Laos | Nepal | Philippines | Thailand | Vietnam

AHF teams in Asia kicked off ICD with a bang this year by hosting events including a Tik Tok video contest, virtual condom advocacy and HIV education, and government calls to action. Other efforts included dancing shows, HIV testing to reach key populations, and raising awareness about the importance of condoms through media campaigns and a bicycle-motorcycle roadshow

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Estonia | Georgia | Portugal | Russia | United Kingdom | Ukraine

Youth and key populations were the focus across AHF Europe for ICD 2021, which incorporated HIV testing and utilized a mix of virtual and in-person events aimed at education and raising awareness. Innovative initiatives included a cooking class using HIV prevention tools and a video competition on proper condom use!

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Argentina | Chile | Colombia | Dominican Republic | Guatemala
Haiti | Jamaica | Mexico | Panama | Peru

AHF advocates in Latin America and the Caribbean got the word out about condoms using fun events that included a lively debate on female and male condoms, a mini festival featuring youth artists, and an outdoor recital at a park frequented by local youth. Mass transit systems were used to help people grab free condoms, and several teams streamed online virtual sessions that educated audience members regionwide.

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Eswatini | Ethiopia | Kenya | Lesotho | Mozambique | Nigeria
Sierra Leone | Uganda | Zambia | Zimbabwe

In Africa, teams targeted busy city centers and popular hotspots for mass condom distribution and education, and also organized meetings with stakeholders to strengthen condom policy. AHF staff also hosted an “Always in Fashion” poetry session and took to nationwide television and radio airwaves to reach as many people as possible with live concerts by popular artists and an informative civil society discussion forum.

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Los Angeles

AHF has come to be known for creating popular ICD parody videos that are true works of art. This year was no different, and we invite you to view our video for 2021 – “When You Wear a Condom” Parody (When You’re Good to Mama) featuring Flame Monroe and Violet Chachki!

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